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Chiefs and Lady Chiefs Basketball





November 3rd Marvell - Girls Only Away  
November 10th Marianna-Lee Home  
November 12th Marshall Away  
November 13th Strayhorn Away  
November 16th Macon Road Home  
November 17th Starkville Home  
November 19th Heritage Away  
November 30th Clarksdale Lee Away  
December 3rd Westminster Home  
December 4th Strayhorn Home  
December 8th Kirk Home  
December 10th Regents Home  
December 11th Marshall Home  
December 21-22nd Kirk Classic Away  
December 28-30 MHS Classic Home  
January 5th Pillow Away  
January 7th Kirk Away  
January 8th Washington Home  
January 15th Bayou Home  
January 19th Marianna-Lee Away  
January 22nd Pillow Home  
January 26th Washington Away  
January 29th Bayou Away  
February 1st Clarksdale-lee Home  
February 2nd Westminster Away  
February 9-13th AAAA North State Away-Pillow  
February 16-20 AAAA State Tournament TBA  

Varsity Chiefs Roster

Name Grade Number
Fabian Nelson 12th 3
Ozzie Pratt 12th 4
Charlie Taylor 12th 10
Blake Dunlap 12th 12
Ash Pepper 12th 15
Grif Gaines 12th 22
Blake Kirby 12th 24
Collin Reuter 12th 25
Nathan Fernholz 11th 33
Cooper Chapman 10th 5
Keondre Fields 10th 13
Cooper Pratt 10th 23
Harlin Hovator 9th 11
Reggie Reid 9th 32

Lady Chiefs Basketball Roster

Name Grade Number
Ashton McMinn 12th 2
Lucy Lipscomb 12th 22
Gracie Mettetal 12th 23
Taylor Laughter 12th 24
Izzy Sowell 12th 4
AJ Mize 11th 30
Bailey Pippin 11th 25
Bailey Carpenter 11th 10
Sydney Coleman 10th 1
Gracie Boland 10th 11
Mercy McDavitt 9th 14
Emily Mize 9th 33
Anne Finke 9th 12