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All students in classes 5K through 6th grade have a scheduled library period for thirty minutes each week.

During the scheduled library periods, students are provided library instruction to assist them in locating books.  Students also have the opportunity to enjoy games that help utilize various library skills, to read their books, to read magazines and to take AR tests.

Throughout the year, information is presented to them about many different authors/illustrators, award winners, Scholastic Book Fair, and storytellers.

Students in the 1st - 6th grade participate in the Accelerated Reader program that encourages a lifelong love of reading and recognizes the importance of reading comprehension. Students are encouraged to participate in incentives such as monthly drawings for prizes in each grade by placing their name in a container for each passed test. Prizes may vary each month. Also, at the end of the year the Highest Point Reader is given a plaque in each grade.  All tests are taken between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the classroom, computer lab, or library.

All Accelerated Reader quizzes found at Renaissance Learning are available for testing online at Magnolia Heights.  Click here for the advanced search page at Renaissance Learning where you can search for AR books by Title, Author, Interest Level, Book Level, Fiction/Nonfiction, or Points. Donate a hardback book in honor of your child!

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