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Ways to Give

Magnolia Heights is an amazing place, and the Development Office is here to serve you and the school.  We are committed to providing and creating opportunities for members of the MHS community to be a part of the tradition that is Magnolia Heights School. Our goal is to provide the financial resources that will allow our students to experience the finest possible education. Whether it is volunteering your time or money, your support enables us to grow literally and figuratively.

We welcome any suggestions, questions, or feedback you might have. Please feel free to contact our Development Director, Mary Phillips Neyman, at the school at 662-562-4491 or [email protected]

Reasons to give to Magnolia Heights
A quality education is of itself a tremendous gift.  It is a gift to be passed on to the next generation and certainly a gift that can never be taken for granted. While tuition covers most of the costs associated with educating our students, it does not cover all of the expense of providing a first-class educational program. Like all independent schools, MHS relies on donors to provide the remainder. Gifts to the school work to complete the educational circle by providing the funds needed to sustain the school’s commitment to providing each student with the high quality college preparatory education that MHS is known for.

What are the Tax Benefits of Making a Gift?
Every monetary gift to MHS from individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations is tax deductible.  MHS is a 501(c)3 organization under Sect 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.  All gifts will be acknowledged by the school with the tax-deductible portion stated for your records.  You may need to consult your financial advisors regarding in-kind gifts (gifts of property, equipment, etc.) to the school.

Planned Giving
The Legacy Society

After several years of informally soliciting and receiving planned gifts, Magnolia Heights is formally introducing its Legacy Society.  A legacy is defined as something handed down from one generation to another.  A donor who names Magnolia Heights School as beneficiary of his planned gift becomes a member of the Legacy Society.  Such gifts are sometimes the most meaningful endorsement of the benefits and values associated with MHS. For more information on the Legacy Society please contact the Development Office at 662-562-4491.

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If you would like to receive a packet to help you better understand the ways in which you may make a planned gift to MHS, please contact the Development Office at 662-562-4491.