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Parents Club

Dear MHS Parents,

We are so excited for the new year!! We can’t thank you enough for all your support last year. 

Please find a 2018-2019 Calendar:

            Charleston Wrap                            August 16th – September 6th
            Butter Braids                                  October 11th – October 25th
            Harvest                                           Monday, November 6th
            Boosterthon                                   TBA
            Catfish on the Mound/5K              April 11th, 2019

We look forward to a great year!!!!
The Parents Club~

We are once again collecting Box Tops! Above is a link of participating products where box tops can be clipped.
  • All the elementary classes have a challenge to bring 1500 boxtops per class to win a cupcake party - every class can be a winner if they meet their goal. 
  • The preschool has a group goal of 4000 boxtops to win cupcakes.  They have a baseball theme - every 1000 boxtops gets them to another base.
  • We are also doing a "boxtops for prom" drive this year.  If the junior class will bring in 10,000 boxtops from the entire middle and high school, they will get $500 to go toward prom. 
  • We turned in over 20,000 boxtops last year to earn $2307.70.