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Drivers Education

For a 15 yr old permit one needs:

1. The students' original or state issued certified Birth Certificate.

2. The students' Social Security Card or a printout from the Social Security Administration. Note: Metal cards are not accepted.

3. A completed notarized Application for a Mississippi Drivers License with signatures of both parents or gauardians. If parents are divorced, the parent with custody must sign. (Please be prepared to show examiner certified cusotdy documents.)

4. An updated and notarized School Attendance Form. Must be obtained wihin 30 days of applying for license or permit, not valid after 30 days. This form must be requested 24 hours in advance from the high school office,

5. Two proof of domicile. Applicants under 21 may use documentation that applies to their parents, physical address only (NO P.O. Boxes). Please see list to the right.

6. You must meet the physical requirements of the eye examination.

7. All testing stops, road and written, at 4:00pm. Please check to see which days the driving test is given. The cost of a learners permit is $7 (Cash * Debit * Mastercard * Visa).

The drivers’ education teacher retains the above items until the student successfully passes the driver exam.  The drivers’ application will then be marked showing that the student has passed the exam. All above items will then be returned to the student.

The Highway Safety Patrol Office in Batesville, MS, is the office that our Driver Education course uses for drivers license testing, and is where we encourage students to obtain a learners permit and license.

However, if one chooses to use another office that is fine, just be sure and call that drivers’ license office and ask what they require of the student to have with them in order to obtain a permit or license.

Additional information may be found at:

DMV.ORG - the unofficial guide to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The intent of our Driver Education course is to teach students to be safer drivers.  We believe it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their child to drive.    

Proof of Domicile:

  • Utility Bill (no more than 30 days old)
  • Legitimate State or Federal documents (W-2, Medicaid, Child Support, Social Security, etc.)
  • Lease or rental agreement.
  • Car tag registration papers.
  • Mortgage statement.
  • Bank statement with physical address (no blank checks accepted).
  • Notarized employer verification on employer letterhead stating physical address of applicant (must include phone number).
  • Mississippi license of parent or guardian if applicant is under 21 years of age.
  • Voter registration card if it shows 911 address.
  • Recent pay stub showing physical address and taxes withheld, no more than 30 days old.