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School Closing

The administration has a protocol for school closure and a system to quickly disseminate the information.  The school administration will make a decision on school closure by taking several different factors into consideration.  That decision will be made as early as possible, but usually no later than 6:30A.M.  

The information will be disseminated in the following ways:

  • The school’s website

  • Facebook page and Twitter

  • Memphis TV stations

  • School telephone system

  • Email alert

  • Text message (For those who have opted into the text system.)

Please take note of the date of closure, as that is the ONLY date(s) to which the closure applies.  There are some times that the school will be open when other schools may be closed. This information will also be posted on the School’s website, Facebook page and Twitter so there is no question as to school closure.

Due to a combination of traffic, terrain around the school and the ages of some of our driving students, certain situations may call for early school closure due to deteriorating driving conditions.  In that case, all appropriate sites will be updated and messages sent.

While road and weather conditions in the school’s immediate area may be such that school will be in session, other areas may still have conditions that make travel difficult. If at any time, you feel that road conditions are hazardous for you or your student driver, do not hesitate to keep them at home.  Please do call and let the school know that your student will be out that day or coming to school at a later time.