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Northwest Mississippi Community College

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Forms are available in Mrs. Hagar’s office or online.

Scholarship applications are sepoarate with an April 1st deadline.

Leadership scholarships - demonstrated leadership and ACT 15-19 with a B average receive $635 a semester.

Presidential scholarships - students with an ACT of 20 or above receive $820 - $2,950 a semester based on ACT score. 

Foundation scholarships vary based on criteria and range from $250-$500 a semester.  There are numerous Foundation scholarships designated for Magnolia Heights graduates only.

Federal Identification Code---------002427

ACT Identification Code------------2228

 Approximate cost ---$6,100 on campus     2 semesters (2015-2016)
(excluding personal expenses)


The Cost of Attendance is more than a flat tuition rate. Estimated cost of attendance is composed of both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include tuition and fees, housing, and meal plans, for which you would receive an actual bill. Indirect costs include books, other supplies, and personal and travel expenses. It is very important to consider both while making your financial plan.