Semester Exams Begin Soon!

Exam, Bus, and Extended Care schedule for Kindergarten, Elementary, and Secondary during first semester exams.
If your child rides the Hernando or Batesville bus, please pay special attention to their pick-up and drop-off times.
Wednesday, 12/12
3K-6th grade will attend a regular day.
Students taking writing (all 7th) and foreign language exams will report to those exams at 1:45.

Students in grades 8-12 who do not have to take an exam may leave at 1:45.
The buses will run a regular schedule this day.

Students in grades 7-11 who need to remain at school until regular dismissal will report to Troutt Hall at 1:45.
Thursday, 12/13 through Tuesday 12/18 - Half Days
3K-6th grade begin school at 8:00 and dismiss at the following times:
10:15 3K, 4K, and 5K
10:30 Grades 1-6
Elementary Christmas parties will be Tuesday 12/18 from 9:00-10:30.
Secondary Exams will be from 9:00 until 10:30. Students may stay until 11:00, if needed, to complete their exam. Students riding the bus or arriving before exams will report to Troutt Hall.
Thursday (12/13) - English Exam
Friday (12/14) – Math
Monday (12/17) – Social Studies
Tuesday (12/18) – Science
Wednesday (12/19) – Make-ups if necessary
• The Hernando bus will leave Hernando at 7:20 and depart the school at 11:00 and arrive back in Hernando at 11:25.
• The Batesville bus will leave Batesville at 7:15 and depart the school at 11:00 and arrive back in Sardis at 11:25 and Batesville at 11:35