Greatest Show on the Hill - MHS Homecoming

Join us this week for our homecoming festivities!


• The Homecoming Parade will be Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:25 on campus.

• Friday's (10/4) activities include Lunch and Tailgating at 10:45, Homecoming Assembly and Pep Rally at 1:25 in the gym, Pre-game Activities at 6:30, Kickoff at 7:00, and Presentation of Maids and Crowning of Queen at Halftime.

• Past Homecoming Maids and Queens are invited to join us at 6:30 on Cahill Field for special recognition as a part of our 50th celebration. 


We are looking forward to a great homecoming - 50 years and counting!


Homecoming Maids:


Marilee Hensley, Claire Meeks, Anna Orman, Alayna Hager


Elena Thompson, Hannah Hatchett, and Britain Jones


Lily Carpenter, Larson Howard, and Taylor Spriggs


Lilly King and Eason Caldwell